2019 SHOWS

April 20 - OPENING SHOW with your host Moses Crawford
April 27 - OPEN MIC with your host Minister Moses Crawford

May 4 - HOWEVER THE SPIRIT MOVES/special guest Cynthia Diaz

May 11 - ARROGANCE IN THE PULPIT/special guests Elder Seaman, Bishop Davenport

May 18 - PIMPS IN THE PULPIT/special guests Dorina Barksdale, Camille Serrano

May 25 - LET'S TALK ABOUT TITHING/special guest Minister Leslie Lambert


June 1 - IS IT JUST CHURCH AS USUAL?/Janice Jackson and Dr Teresa Bryant

June 8 - IS THE CHURCH DOING ENOUGH OUTREACH? special guests Victoria Roberts and Minister Pepper Martin

June 15 - WHERES THE MONEY REALLY GOING IN THE CHURCH/special guest Renee Joshua Porter

June 22 -  WHERE IS THE CHURCH IN THE LIVES OF THE INCARCERATED AND THEREAFTER/Hosted by Alicia Figueras-Lambert/special guests Bishop Alex Bryant, Minister Kyle Braunskill and Mr. John Dukes

June 29 - THE LIFE OF A FIRST LADY/special guest Lady Jean Price and Dr. Sherill Spruill

July 6 - IT'S OK TO HAVE A PASTOR and A THERAPIST/Assoc. Minister Carl DeHaney of Emanuel Baptist Church of Elmont & Bridie Bugeja, L.M.S.W.

July 13 - HEALTH & WELLNESS IN THE CHURCH/special guest Melanie Swann-Joseph, CDFLC, Certified Diet-Free Life Couch

July 20 - TEACHINGS & RAISING A CHILD UP/special guest Tracie Wilkins-Francis-President of Annie Jean Publishing

July 27 - BIBLICAL RELATIONSHIPS/special guest Pastor Tyrone Cook of Powerhouse Church COGIC and David Wright

August 3 - IT TAKES A VILLAGE/special guest Seretta McNigh

August 10 - TRUE BEGINNINGS FROM WHERE I STARTED/special guest Dr. Rev. Noreen Davis

August 17 - REPEATED SHOW FROM July 6 - IT'S OK TO HAVE A PASTOR and A THERAPIST/Assoc. Minister Carl DeHaney of Emanuel Baptist Church of Elmont & Bridie Bugeja, L.M.S.W.

August 24 - CHURCH HURT/Dr. Sherill Spruill

August 31 - A PROFESSING CHRISTIAN vs. A CONFESSING CHRISTIAN.  Special Guests, Toneisha Coleman and a surprise guest


September 14 - THE ENEMY WITHIN ME and SURVIVING THE BIG C/special guests Ervie Augustin and Dr. Alexea Gaffney-Adams

September 21 - SELF LOVE & BROTHERLY LOVE/special guests Pastor Calvin Gordon and Mai'Muna Padilla
September 28 - PASTOR'S KIDS & MINISTER'S KIDS/Special guest, Debra Coleman

October 2 - BREAST CANCER AWARENESS/Special guests, Dr. Alexea Gaffney-Adams and Theresa Hart

October 9 - DO PASTORS USE SCRIPTURE TO MANIPULATE PEOPLE/Alicia Figueras-Lambert and John Sparks

October 16 - CRABS IN THE BARREL/John Sparks and Special guest Billy Moss, President of NAACP and Founder of Black Long Island

Octobert 23 - IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS/Alicia Figueras-Lambert with special guest Lyne Friendly of Seeded Investments
October 30 - PROTECTING YOUR LIFE/John Sparks and Special Guests Don Amato and Bianca Signore 

November 6 - FROM CRACK TO CHRIST/Alicia Figueras-Lambert and Special Guest April Cofield-Lambert

November 13 - THE AFFECTS OF THE WHITE JESUS IMAGE ON CHILDREN/John Sparks and Devoun Foote

November 20 -IF JESUS CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE, WHY ARE THE CAPTIVES STILL IN BONDAGE?/John Sparks and special guests Minister Joey Alcarese, Rene Marie Testa Adams and Sharon E. Richards

November 27 - BLACK MEN PREFERRED/Alicia Figueras-Lambert and special guest Ayanna Gallow, Author as seen on OWN, Black Women OWN the Conversation 


December 4 - HIV/AIDS IN 2020/Alicia Figueras-Lambert & Minister Leslie Lambert and Dr. Alexea Gaffney
December 11 - Empowering Our Youth/John F. Sparks and special guest Dr. St. Jean Jeudy founder of Long Island Bulldogs

December 18 -  Open disussion 
December 25 - Reflecting on the reason for the season

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