Our GAP liquid was formulated by Dr. J.L. Johnson, one of the worlds leading nutritional doctors and herbal formulators. Like all the products that Dr. Johnson formulate, GAP Pills were designed to work. We all know or should know that an abundance of contaminants in the blood stream can lead to a wide range of symptoms including...pain, sore joints, tissue damage, poor circulation and other undesirable states of health.

Our GAP liquid support the blood and helps to improve the health of your circulatory system.



Gypsum Fibrosum - 100mg

Radix Rehnabbiae Praeparata - 100mg
Radix Ophiopogonis - 100mg

Rhizoma Anemarrhenae - 100mg

Radix Acryanthis Bidentatae - 100mg

GAP Liquid

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